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How far would you go for lost love?

This story is about Roxanne and her recent breakup. 

There is a choice in this story. Maybe you can help her find happiness again?

A free verse poetic love story. 

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Thoughts of Green Tea

And this is the part where I am supposed to fill this blank page with something. Something profound? Nah, that’s a bit too ambitious. I just want to chill out and chat. You know? Today I had a bit of a moment where I was feeling down. Creatively. It’s one of those days where you … Continue reading Thoughts of Green Tea

I Am Such A Slacker…

Yep. Even in school I was a slacker. I would do no homework, classwork nor did I want to do any projects. (Well, save for those really cool science experiments, those were the shit!) But, everything else? Nah. I wanted to have fun, joke around and be the class clown. Just be a complete ass. … Continue reading I Am Such A Slacker…

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