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Thoughts of Green Tea

And this is the part where I am supposed to fill this blank page with something. Something profound? Nah, that’s a bit too ambitious. I just want to chill out and chat. You know? Today I had a bit of a moment where I was feeling down. Creatively. It’s one of those days where you … Continue reading Thoughts of Green Tea

I Am Such A Slacker…

Yep. Even in school I was a slacker. I would do no homework, classwork nor did I want to do any projects. (Well, save for those really cool science experiments, those were the shit!) But, everything else? Nah. I wanted to have fun, joke around and be the class clown. Just be a complete ass. … Continue reading I Am Such A Slacker…

What Is In A Name?

So, let’s talk about something that does not sound all that serious, but might be to some of you: Names. What do we call you? Do we call you anything? Just don’t call me, I’d rather text. However, I’m not talking about your name N.D. Arthur or whatever trendy pseudonym you want to be called! … Continue reading What Is In A Name?


Nothing is better than being pleasantly surprised with an idea that goes into a work in progress. It hits you in the middle of the night like a clumsy burglar who decides to make a sandwich. If you ignore it and assume it is the cat on the counter again, you may make a mistake … Continue reading STORY TIME 🙂


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