I’m Not Dead. I’m Just Mortally Challenged.

I had to take a break to gather my thoughts. As we all do, work gets busy, life catches up to us and sometimes, we have to disconnect from the digital world to deal with the things in the irl world. Yep, the latter has been me. 

I hope you have all been well in these trying times. We all have to keep our spirits up, we all have to keep our morale up. Writing in this noise has been incredibly hard, I must admit. I would be a liar if I said it has been easy to do so. It’s times like this that remind me, more than ever, the importance of self care. 

Remember: Writing is therapeutic; Art is therapeutic. 

It is a medium to express your feelings and emotions and should be used as your purge valve to level you off and express how you feel. This is why I only write when I truly feel something, hence, the sporadic schedule of my posts (I told you it would be random). This philosophy also follows my work. Yes, I love writing but I only do it when I feel the words come to me or if I feel I must hide from the world. It can be my sanctuary when I am afraid. Sometimes it can help me to figure out the solution to complex problems. 

I know I have been absent and I apologize that I have been. Lots of things have been happening behind the scenes, some great, some indifferent. 

I just hope we all can mend our differences moving forward. 

Remember: The world can change, the world will change. 

It may seem like for the worst, but, from our horrible chrysalis will emerge a beautiful butterfly of hope and peace. 

Truth and justice will always prevail. 

Thank you. 

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