Nothing is better than being pleasantly surprised with an idea that goes into a work in progress.

It hits you in the middle of the night like a clumsy burglar who decides to make a sandwich. If you ignore it and assume it is the cat on the counter again, you may make a mistake and realize someone jacked all your shit.

This is why I will wake up in the middle of the night, jot down an idea until I feel like it is finished.

I love this feeling because to me, it is a gift. A freebie that would just otherwise just be lost in the world to somewhere, or maybe nowhere.

I heard of a story once where Michael Jackson talked about receiving these ideas. he said:

“If I am not there to receive these ideas, God might give them to Prince.”

Michael Jackson

Not saying that this necessarily comes from a higher being but, it is almost divine how these ideas are sometimes just dropped in your lap. But, just like they are dropped in your lap, they can be taken right out.

I was working on my next work in progress titled “The Demon of 96th Street”. In between work, I was adding some lines to it and then, I stepped away to answer the door.

When I came back to my device, I was horrified to see that all of it was gone! All 1.7k words, just vanished…

Now, I know we have all been there once or twice, but this time, I really felt sick because this one was filled with alllll the good stuff you get in random sparks of creativity. I knew if I lost it, I would never be able to create it again!

I freaked out. I searched all over the place, my computer, the redundant drives I had, but they were not there. I did not have time to store them yet…

And just when I thought all hope was lost, I found it in the recently deleted Notes section on my phone. iCloud to the rescue!

After that, I immediately stopped what I was doing and put it all on my redundancies!

Moral of this story:


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