Freestyle Random Access Poetry #3

I am waiting for my rice to finish cooking.

It took me a long time to think of what I wanted for dinner as I figured, being trapped inside,

A chicken dinner would not make me a winner.

I heard a click from the inner part of the cooker,

Flipping a switch,

Indicating that the rice was done.

Dinner for one, again.

The silence became my friend,

It didn’t share the same excitement as I did,

But when I lifted the lid to the rice cooker,

I did,

Get happy, just a little bit.

It is a shame when something made with engineering genius derived from an advanced understanding of physics can cook perfect rice,

But yet,

It can’t make the perfect life.

A life alone is as cold as stone.

If technology makes us feel closer together and shrinks the size of the world,

Why do I still feel alone,

When I have you on the phone?

Even a dial tone can’t change the tone,

Because now that you are gone,

I am alone.

Eating dinner for one.

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