Freestyle Random Access Poetry #2

Last night, I dreamt of you again. 

I swore I would never think of you again. 

I even burned your picture,

So I could never remember you, 


Like a light, my heart still shines for you in the dark box I put it in. 

It’s light, blinds my face… 

Sometimes I’ll remember the way your lips taste,

How your heart beats, 

How you breathe… 

And now I have to remember to breathe because it’s hard to forget you, 

And when I do remember you, the pain hurts so much that I would rather, 


So I push myself to go on living, 

Pretending that we never were a thing. 

Pretending that you never made my heart sing. 

Those sweet songs became stings, 

A pinch here, an ache there, 

Anytime something close to your name is mentioned in the air. 

I’m not supposed to care anymore, 

I’m not supposed to know you anymore. 

But the more I go, the less I want to go. 

What hurts me most is I don’t think you will ever know. 

You will never know, how deep my love will go. 

For you, 

Because of you. 

3 Replies to “Freestyle Random Access Poetry #2”

    1. And the times of old will dictate how long love can hold,
      For if it can prevail adversity,
      Only then, true love can sing,
      Rightfully so.


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