Freestyle Random Access Poetry #1

I never had something so well put together fall apart so fast. 

At the time, I felt “alas! There is something here.” 

We locked eyes, we drew near. 

As our hearts tied, we both had fear. 

Fear in our own respects, 

You leaving me, your heart not ready yet. 


We pressed on, 

Silenced our personal songs of hurt to find worth within the moment. 

We knew what we wanted. 

Or did we? 

In that moment, all I knew is that you and me were “we” and nothing could tell us we were wrong. 

Long was the night we wished for, 

As we both fished for, 

The impossible. 

Improbable that two people would meet under such a situation. 

That explains our hesitation, 

But without explanation, 

We explained the unexplainable. 

Our feelings were undeniable. 

And the way you smiled, was unmistakable. 

I ate it up like a glutton but just like that sin, 

Mistakes were made. 

We played, we danced, 

As we stepped, cracks of a former romance began to creep and drip like poison in an IV, 

For you see, the infection is great, 

The broken hearted is a pandemic in it’s own respect and it alters the fates of those to come. 

It is almost like a ripple as it spreads, 

And it will spread and come in the middle of you and loved ones. 

You collapsed that night, 

I tried to catch you as you fell. 

I carried you and your broken heart out of the dance hall just in time for you to tell me, 

“It’s too late. Just go before it gets you too.” 

I thought I knew what to do and I did what I could to comfort you. 

And the poison seeped, 

Further into your veins, 

As you weeped, 

I cried those tears with you and when they mixed, 

I infected myself, too. 

I knew it was dangerous but to me, 

You were worth it. 

The world was ending, what better ending than to end it with you? 

As I watched them carry you off into the night, I pondered in the fact that I might, even if for a second, could have saved you. 

Maybe I did, I’ll never know. 

But what I do know is that I am next. 

I feel the pain inside my heart. It’s my turn to dance next. 

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